The Spring Story®

New beginnings, vibrant colors, freshness, vitality and positivity - At The Spring Story® we capture the essence of the spring season by bringing to market the splendor of heritage Indian craftsmanship traditions through our products.

Be it the soothing hand block-printed and hues on our Hand block Printed Accessories or exquisite and intricate 925 silver jewelry no matter where you are and what season, The Spring Story® endeavors to bring to you an enduring vibe of the spring.

A boutique online store, The Spring Story® offers a carefully curated range of handcrafted silver jewelry and a range of Jaipuri hand-block printed premium bags and accessories.

Our Vision

At The Spring Story®, our vision is to provide a refreshing and joyful experience to our customers through our high-quality and simple designs. We believe in the rejuvenating power of nature and strive to infuse our products with a sense of freshness. We aspire to spread happiness and positivity through our brand, and to create a community of like-minded individuals who share our passion for simplicity and quality.

Mission & Values

  1. Simplicity: At The Spring Story®, we value simplicity in both our designs and our approach to life. Our mission is to create products that embody the beauty of simplicity, making life easier and more enjoyable for our customers.
  2. Quality: Quality is at the core of everything we do at The Spring Story®. Our mission is to provide high-quality products that are functional, durable and long-lasting, ensuring our customers are satisfied with their purchase for years to come.
  3. Happiness and Joy: Our mission is to spread happiness and joy through every aspect of our brand. From our customer service to the design and quality of our products, we want our customers to feel uplifted and satisfied with their experience with The Spring Story®.
  4. Freshness: We believe that nature has the power to rejuvenate and uplift, and we seek to infuse our products with that same freshness. From our selection of materials to our packaging and overall brand experience, we strive to bring a sense of freshness to everything we do. By prioritizing freshness, we aim to bring a sense of renewal and vitality to our customers and the world around us.

Founder – CEO

Anahita Jawapuria