TSS Rewards

Welcome to The Spring Story Rewards (TSS Rewards)

TSS Rewards program is our way to show gratitude to our loyal customers. Thank you for showing all the love and support. Its an exclusive loyalty program that rewards you each time you shop with us. You are also rewarded in many other ways (shared below). Do join our program and get discounts on future orders.

TSS Reward Benefits 
 - 50 points   -  For every 100 spent at our store
 - 50 points   -  When you follow us on Instagram
 - 50 Points   -  When you leave a product review
 - 100 points  - When you leave your birthdate with us
 - 100 points  - When you refer our store to a friend
    Frequently asked questions
    Q. How do I participate in 'The Spring Story Rewards' program.
    A. In order to join the program, just click hereto create a store account. Once you have done it, you are welcome to participate in all actions we have prepared for you to earn points.
    Q. How do I earn points on 'The Spring Story Rewards' program.
    A. You can earn points by completing actions listed in rewards tab of Rewards page. On the Rewards page, just click on "Rewards" tab to see the list of activities available for you to take part.
    Q. How do I redeem my 'The Spring Story Rewards' points?
    A. Please click herefor a step-by-step procedure to redeem your points.
    Q. How do I refer a friend to earn 'The Spring Story Rewards' points?
    A. Once you are logged into your account on our store, go the Rewards page, click on the 'Earn Points' tab. You will find the referral box. To refer, you can do on of the following.
    Copy the your unique link in the box and send it to your friend via any medium
      • Click on the facebook, twitter or email icons to directly share on those mediums respectively.
      • Note:
        • You will earn 100 points AFTER your friend logs in via the link provided by you AND makes a purchase. 
        • Do let your friend know that they will get a 15% discount on the purchase made via the referral link. 
        • The referral link in the picture below is only for demonstration. DO NOT COPY THE LINK IN THE PICTURE BELOW.
      Q. I left a review but did not earn any points, why?
      A. Only those customers who have purchased a product from our store, also known as 'verified customers', can leave a review at our store. This is to keep reviews factual from those who have experienced/used the product. 
      Q. Can I transfer my points to someone else?
      A. No, points are exclusively for your use and cannot be transferred to anyone else.
      Q. Are there any products or conditions in which I can’t earn points?
      A. You must be signed into your account at time of placing your order in order to earn points. You can earn points on all products except gift cards. Also, point accumulation and redemption is unavailable on certain times, such as during our annual sale, special promotions and events, etc.
      Q. Do my points expire?
      A. Yes, your points expire 180 DAYSfrom the date of you earning them.
      Q. How can I check my points balance?
      A. Your points balance is available to view on your program dashboard(you must be signed in to your account to view your points balance).

      Write to support@thespringstory.com OR call us at 1800 8899077 for queries.